Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Private Hunting Club Experience

 So this next post should be considered a companion piece to my previous post about public land hunting.  Its a nice compare and contrast work.
One of the benefits of working at a place where the CEO likes to duck hunt and has a private hunting club is that even lowly accountants get to experience the "posh" hunting experience from time to time.
After Christmas wrapped up Charles(work associate and friend) and I headed down to Rockport for an afternoon hunt, an overnight stay, and a morning hunt before coming back to celebrate New Year's Eve in style at an outlandish party thrown by the most influential people in Houston with the most decadent offerings of food & wine. (read the Boss and I watched Duck Dynasty and was asleep by 11:00pm)
Back to the hunting...Upon our arrival to the dock, we were driven by airboat out to our blind.  The north wind had pushed alot of water out and the water was scarce.  I was glad we had an airboat, otherwise it would have been hard to get to any of the blinds.
Someone forgot to take a picture of the airboat...

Once at the blind all we had to do was set up the mojo duck and get our gear ready from some blasting. 

Mojo ready..notice the dry land between the decoys and the blind courtesy of a strong north wind.
Put some decoys behind us to try and take advantage of the little amount of water we had.
Charles ready....
Charles and I ready to blast...
Jellyfish and marsh grass...this is usually under six inches of water.  The water went out so fast the jellyfish got stranded.  For some reason I think this picture should be called "Hairy Chest". 
After we hunted for a few hours, the airboat came back and picked us up to take us back to the dock.  It was a tough hunt with the birds not really wanting to decoy, but I was able to get my limit of redheads.  
We went back to "The Barn" to get cleaned up and then we were able to dine at the Yacht Club.  It was very good and a nice way to end the evening.  Once back at The Barn, it was a little of football watching(Poor Romo...) and then off to sleep and do the whole thing over again in the morning.
Good crab cakes...
Beats a tent cot....

All in all the conditions didn't lend us a good hunt on either day, but it was nice to get out and try to blast some ducks and enjoy the "posh" hunting experience.  It doesn't take any where close the amount of time & energy to hunt this way compared with public land hunting.  However, my public land hunting experience has produced a lot more dead ducks on the average over the years.   Both experiences are fun and I am glad to be hunting a little more now...
Oh yeah..the whole Ironman thing..I added a countdown clock to this site to keep me in check of the reality that IM Florida is 300 days away.  Training is starting to get much more consistent and the posts will start to turn towards that now that duck season is about to be over :(

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